Issue #2 Release!

Been working hard to get Issue #2 finished up in time forHeroes and Horror Con on September 10, 2016! This will be the third year of the event and the third year I will have attended and been a part of the Convention.

It's one of my favorites as it's in my town and I get to see lots of familiar faces. I hope to be busy drawing throughout the day and look forward to some creative commissions!

Oh, yea!

The Kickstarter was a success! So rad! I have a lot of support in these ventures and it's because of my friends and family. I can't do it alone. That's for sure! I'll be making a post here soon specifically for those that helped out! I can't get this done without the continued support and outpouring of love I've received.

Thank you all!


Drawing Drawing Drawing!

It's been a busy summer so far!

Had a great time at South City Comic Con and made a lot of new friends at the show :) It's always a pleasure being able to meet so many new people. I was busy at the show, but I hope that I was able to chat with each person that watched me work.

It's connections, I know I say that a lot, but it really is. Connections are more important to me than the art I produce, it's being able to share with someone our mutual love of a character or even the education in learning about someone and their fandom.

One of the folks that stopped by is opening a restaurant and I look forward to eating there once it's up and running, it's called "The Pork Exchange". I was sold from the name alone and then he and his wife started talking about the food! AMAZING!

My wife and I were able to explore some fun places as well, which made it a blast. We went to a burger place called Wes Burgers and More and that had the best burger I've ever had! DANG! It was a good chance for my amazing wife and I to have some fun on the town, we walked a lot...

I was also able to meet up with some college friends that I haven't seen in years! Big Tom and Ryan. They made my con even better.

Well, I'm taking classes over the summer to get ready for my credentialling program so I'm busy with that, but I'm also working hard on The Warren Hope Issue 2, got three pages drawn out today! Can't wait to see what people think :)



Summer is almost here!

I remember being so excited for Summer as a kid. It meant freedom, a chance to run around outside and play with my friends. My brother and I would swim in our pool and we'd attack the wasp nest near the pool with those giant foam noodles.

Now, with Summer a week away I find myself thinking of fun things to do with my little ones. I wonder what sort of memories we'll make this Summer. Maybe we'll take a big road trip, who knows.

I'll be attending the South City Comic Con June 5th and I'm very excited about it. I hope to meet many new faces and hopefully see some familiar ones. A couple old college buddies may stop by, I really hope that's the case, those guys are great.

I may be getting more involved with the Ronald McDonald House this Summer. I've been meaning to start heading to the Hospital and drawing for the kids, I really need to get that going. Those kids are so strong.

Oh! I'm planning on Fuzzy's Monsters coming out by the end of June and hoping to have Issue 2 of The Warren Hope ready by August!

Thanks for reading,


Relay for Life

So, this past weekend I was part of a Relay for Life event at the Kern County Fairgrounds. It was hosting an all day gaming event and a cosplay contest as well as a few vendors. I set up some art and a bunch of blank variants ready for the day.
The turn out was VERY small. However, I made a lot of new friends :) I had the pleasure of being across the way from George The Giant. He turned out to be a fantastically nice guy! There were lots of familiar faces from the folks at Paladins Game Castle and The Gaming Spot. I can't forget to give a shout out to Chelle Austin of Damsel in Defense, who remembered my face and didn't taser me!

I always have a blast at my table talking with people who stop by and even just watch me draw. I was very fortunate enough to have most of the cosplayers congregate around my table, which to me is a HUGE compliment! I got to draw a few pictures and a couple of Blank Variants, so that was a blast!

I look forward to the next convention where I have a chance to see some friends up North at the South City Comic Con on June 5th!

In other news I am aiming at finishing up "The Warren Hope" over Spring Break as well as "Fuzzy's Monsters"

Thanks for reading!



I've been bad about posting on here, and I really need to strep up my game!
However, I've not been lazy all over the place, only in the Blog.
New stuff!
I know I have a donate button on the page, and that's awesome, however, I'm also running a Patreon page for my art over here. So, if you want to help keep me making art and motivated you can do so over there.
I'm been busy with my students, we're finally done with The Odyssey it was great fun! The students were a little upset that the ending was peaceful, lol.

Now, onto some REAL BIG news, I'm making an Art/Coloring Book! It's going to be called Fuzzy's Monsters and it'll have 50 different little creatures and monsters that I have drawn, I'll try and get a proper page up for it here this weekend.

Also, The Warren Hope will be properly announced on March 12th at the TEAM GEEK Event at the Kern County Fair Grounds. It's my late Father's birthday, and I think it would be a cool way to celebrate his birthday. :)

Anyway, I'm glad you're here, reading this, you're amazing. I'm so lucky to have your time.

Fuzzy :)

Back from Oregon!

This past weekend the Missus and I went up to Oregon!
We went to celebrate the love of two very amazing people, Ryan and Jane Cummins!

It was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to, I highly recommend the Sunriver Resort!
This place was like a dream. I was even able to spend time alone laying in bed, staring out the window at snow with a fire roaring in my room. I did nothing, and it felt soooooo good.

The wedding itself was a blast! There were folks from all over, New York, Portland, Texas, Palm Springs, and Bakersfield! The best part was being able to see the real beauty of the couple we were all there to celebrate.

I believe that to get a good idea of who a person is, is seeing who they hang out with. Wow, the people at this wedding were the most generous, and friendly people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting in one area. I even got compared to Vince Vaughn again, which I always take as a complement.

Now the wedding itself was gorgeous. The bride was radiant, like a Viking Warrior Goddess. Her fair skin and lovely white dress complimented the falling snow flakes. The groom, well, he looked like a big goober, madly in love with this lovely woman that he was promising himself to. Together their love could be felt radiating from their warm hearts.
The wedding took place in the Great Hall of the Resort and just completed the whole feel of warmth and intimacy for the occasion.

Jane and Ryan, I love you both so very much and I hope that you live in love all your days. You are both family to me, and I want you both to know that to me you BOTH are "home" to me ;)

The whole place reminded me of Germany and Colorado combined. The people were friendly all around the town of Bend, and we had amazing tacos from El Sancho!  Seriously, the whole trip was a blast and we are looking forward to returning one day with our kiddos so that they can enjoy the area and maybe we can sneak in some snowmobiling!

I can't wait to meet up again with our new friends that we made at this wonderful event.

Was that too sappy? Bah, I love weddings!


January 27th

This week has been pretty cool! I had an observation take place in my room this week. My principal said a lot of nice things about what I'm doing. I'm stoked! Looks like I will have a teaching job next year as long as I get in a program before the end of the school year.
Need to get the CSET done, oh crap!
Luckily I have the first part of the multiple subject done, just need to get the other two done. Need to start studying and getting these things done.
The Warren Hope has pages up, haven't made a formal post about it on social media, haven't really let folks know much about this page either.
Maybe I'll get these running next week and announce pre orders for The Warren Hope. Decided to take the art direction in a very different direction from what I'm used to, and I like it a lot.

Heading to a wedding this weekend and am looking forward to celebrating with friends and family!

Take care and thanks for reading,

First Week!

   Well, so far I've been at this page for a little under a week. More like a weekend.

   I am really excited to start telling people about the page by the end of the week. The Warren Hope still has it's password, and once I have the text on the first four pages (probably 5) I'll post them and have some fun with the password.

   I've been enjoying making art again, and I think having a positive week teaching really gave me some new inspiration. My 7th grade ELA classes are reading The Odyssey by Homer.

   Most are loving it! What's very cool is that for some of these kids, this will be the first book they read cover to cover. I don't think they understand how excited I am for them. Class starts off with the students coming in and seeing questions I have prepared ahead of time on the boards around class. Then I assign to them the Book we're reading, tomorrow we start Book 5. They read alone silently (I'm noticing that if I don't make them read, then they won't). During their reading I ask them to consider the questions on the boards. After an acceptable amount of time I have them turn back to the beginning of the Book of the day. The Books in the Odyssey are serving as chapters basically.

   Once they are where they need to be, I begin reading the Book, after the first paragraph I call on a student to continue. I will choose a new reader every paragraph and only taking breaks when I need to. Reasons for the breaks? I like to ask the students how they feel about certain events. "Do you think it's right all the suitors are eating all of food and drinking all the wine?" Or to embellish on the Greek culture and information on events, like the battle of Troy.

   After we read together, I then have the students work in their groups of 4 to discuss the questions on the board and to formulate short answers to the questions, then we'll discuss those as a class. I will be working in deeper questions soon, as we go. I am trying to build up the confidence of the students right now, so that they are encouraged to do well as we go.

   At the end of the book I'll have them write an essay on the story, explaining what an Epic Poem is, what role the gods played in the lives of the heroes, and how they relate.

   I'm sure I'll come up with more stuff as we go, I'm just getting started :)

   Oh yea, The Warren Hope, is something I had in my head for a while now, and I am looking forward to sharing it. There's a lot that goes into these Comic Books. I don't think people realize how much time and effort has gone into the comics they've read.

   First, I imagine the story and draw a few doodles to get my brain working, I'm very visual with what I do and how I learn. Then I write the story out. After this story was written I began to draw. In my notes of the story I plan out layout of each page in the side of my script. I was able to illustrate The Warren Hope over my Christmas break. Some days I would get a page done, some I would get two or three, others I might not do any. I was able to get them all planned and drawn up in my time frame and with a house full of sickies.

   My wife and kids have been coughing fiercely lately and I hate it. I hate when I can't do anything to help. I too, now have the cough. Ugh, hoping the Nyquil hits soon and I can lumber off to bed :P

  I really hope to keep up with this every week.

Thanks for reading,