January 27th

This week has been pretty cool! I had an observation take place in my room this week. My principal said a lot of nice things about what I'm doing. I'm stoked! Looks like I will have a teaching job next year as long as I get in a program before the end of the school year.
Need to get the CSET done, oh crap!
Luckily I have the first part of the multiple subject done, just need to get the other two done. Need to start studying and getting these things done.
The Warren Hope has pages up, haven't made a formal post about it on social media, haven't really let folks know much about this page either.
Maybe I'll get these running next week and announce pre orders for The Warren Hope. Decided to take the art direction in a very different direction from what I'm used to, and I like it a lot.

Heading to a wedding this weekend and am looking forward to celebrating with friends and family!

Take care and thanks for reading,