Back from Oregon!

This past weekend the Missus and I went up to Oregon!
We went to celebrate the love of two very amazing people, Ryan and Jane Cummins!

It was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to, I highly recommend the Sunriver Resort!
This place was like a dream. I was even able to spend time alone laying in bed, staring out the window at snow with a fire roaring in my room. I did nothing, and it felt soooooo good.

The wedding itself was a blast! There were folks from all over, New York, Portland, Texas, Palm Springs, and Bakersfield! The best part was being able to see the real beauty of the couple we were all there to celebrate.

I believe that to get a good idea of who a person is, is seeing who they hang out with. Wow, the people at this wedding were the most generous, and friendly people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting in one area. I even got compared to Vince Vaughn again, which I always take as a complement.

Now the wedding itself was gorgeous. The bride was radiant, like a Viking Warrior Goddess. Her fair skin and lovely white dress complimented the falling snow flakes. The groom, well, he looked like a big goober, madly in love with this lovely woman that he was promising himself to. Together their love could be felt radiating from their warm hearts.
The wedding took place in the Great Hall of the Resort and just completed the whole feel of warmth and intimacy for the occasion.

Jane and Ryan, I love you both so very much and I hope that you live in love all your days. You are both family to me, and I want you both to know that to me you BOTH are "home" to me ;)

The whole place reminded me of Germany and Colorado combined. The people were friendly all around the town of Bend, and we had amazing tacos from El Sancho!  Seriously, the whole trip was a blast and we are looking forward to returning one day with our kiddos so that they can enjoy the area and maybe we can sneak in some snowmobiling!

I can't wait to meet up again with our new friends that we made at this wonderful event.

Was that too sappy? Bah, I love weddings!