I've been bad about posting on here, and I really need to strep up my game!
However, I've not been lazy all over the place, only in the Blog.
New stuff!
I know I have a donate button on the page, and that's awesome, however, I'm also running a Patreon page for my art over here. So, if you want to help keep me making art and motivated you can do so over there.
I'm been busy with my students, we're finally done with The Odyssey it was great fun! The students were a little upset that the ending was peaceful, lol.

Now, onto some REAL BIG news, I'm making an Art/Coloring Book! It's going to be called Fuzzy's Monsters and it'll have 50 different little creatures and monsters that I have drawn, I'll try and get a proper page up for it here this weekend.

Also, The Warren Hope will be properly announced on March 12th at the TEAM GEEK Event at the Kern County Fair Grounds. It's my late Father's birthday, and I think it would be a cool way to celebrate his birthday. :)

Anyway, I'm glad you're here, reading this, you're amazing. I'm so lucky to have your time.

Fuzzy :)