Relay for Life

So, this past weekend I was part of a Relay for Life event at the Kern County Fairgrounds. It was hosting an all day gaming event and a cosplay contest as well as a few vendors. I set up some art and a bunch of blank variants ready for the day.
The turn out was VERY small. However, I made a lot of new friends :) I had the pleasure of being across the way from George The Giant. He turned out to be a fantastically nice guy! There were lots of familiar faces from the folks at Paladins Game Castle and The Gaming Spot. I can't forget to give a shout out to Chelle Austin of Damsel in Defense, who remembered my face and didn't taser me!

I always have a blast at my table talking with people who stop by and even just watch me draw. I was very fortunate enough to have most of the cosplayers congregate around my table, which to me is a HUGE compliment! I got to draw a few pictures and a couple of Blank Variants, so that was a blast!

I look forward to the next convention where I have a chance to see some friends up North at the South City Comic Con on June 5th!

In other news I am aiming at finishing up "The Warren Hope" over Spring Break as well as "Fuzzy's Monsters"

Thanks for reading!