Summer is almost here!

I remember being so excited for Summer as a kid. It meant freedom, a chance to run around outside and play with my friends. My brother and I would swim in our pool and we'd attack the wasp nest near the pool with those giant foam noodles.

Now, with Summer a week away I find myself thinking of fun things to do with my little ones. I wonder what sort of memories we'll make this Summer. Maybe we'll take a big road trip, who knows.

I'll be attending the South City Comic Con June 5th and I'm very excited about it. I hope to meet many new faces and hopefully see some familiar ones. A couple old college buddies may stop by, I really hope that's the case, those guys are great.

I may be getting more involved with the Ronald McDonald House this Summer. I've been meaning to start heading to the Hospital and drawing for the kids, I really need to get that going. Those kids are so strong.

Oh! I'm planning on Fuzzy's Monsters coming out by the end of June and hoping to have Issue 2 of The Warren Hope ready by August!

Thanks for reading,