Drawing Drawing Drawing!

It's been a busy summer so far!

Had a great time at South City Comic Con and made a lot of new friends at the show :) It's always a pleasure being able to meet so many new people. I was busy at the show, but I hope that I was able to chat with each person that watched me work.

It's connections, I know I say that a lot, but it really is. Connections are more important to me than the art I produce, it's being able to share with someone our mutual love of a character or even the education in learning about someone and their fandom.

One of the folks that stopped by is opening a restaurant and I look forward to eating there once it's up and running, it's called "The Pork Exchange". I was sold from the name alone and then he and his wife started talking about the food! AMAZING!

My wife and I were able to explore some fun places as well, which made it a blast. We went to a burger place called Wes Burgers and More and that had the best burger I've ever had! DANG! It was a good chance for my amazing wife and I to have some fun on the town, we walked a lot...

I was also able to meet up with some college friends that I haven't seen in years! Big Tom and Ryan. They made my con even better.

Well, I'm taking classes over the summer to get ready for my credentialling program so I'm busy with that, but I'm also working hard on The Warren Hope Issue 2, got three pages drawn out today! Can't wait to see what people think :)